School Information

– Job Reference No. : 24732
– School Name : Saint Paul American School Secondary Campus
– School Type : Private Sector
– Age Group : Secondary
– City : Gyeonggi – Bundang
– School Website : https://www.stpaulscholars.com
– School Address : 364-1 Geomgokdong Bundanggu, Seongnam city, Gyeonggi province

Position Information

– Contract Type : Full Time
– Starting Date : 2023-08-14
– Working Schedule : M-F, 7:40 A.M ~ 4:40 P.M
– Teaching Hours : 25 hours
– Class Size : Maximum 25 Students
– Job Remarks :

One duty and responsibility of a teacher at SPAS is to follow the provided format and expectations to create syllabi, unit plans, rubrics, and weekly lesson plans for students.

They must utilize standards such as CCSS (ELA and Math), NGSS (Science), and AERO (Social Studies) as the foundation of teaching objectives.

Teachers should plan regular homework assignments, create tests and projects to measure and ensure student learning and administer one midterm and one final exam every year for each subject taught.

They are also responsible for preparing progress reports and report cards at the end of each term. Attendance and participation in faculty and staff meetings, PTCs (Parent-Teacher Conferences), and official SPAS functions as outlined on the calendar are also expected.

Salary & Benefits Information

– Salary : 2.5M ~ (competitive salary scale)
– Flight Support : Entry Only
– Housing Type : Single Studio 0.4
– Paid Vacation Days : 40 days | Weekend Excluded
– Sick Days : 3 days
– Other benefits: Working visa sponsorship,Health Insurance,National Pension,Severance Payment

– Additional Position Info : The curriculum utilized for secondary school students at Saint Paul International School is based on the school’s standards and guidelines.

**Job Requirements: TEFL/TESOL | Licensed Teacher/Certified Teacher

The Saint Paul International School Secondary School campus in Bundang is an American private school system offering various teaching positions such as homeroom teacher, Math teacher, PE teacher, STEM/CS, Art, and Science subject teachers.

The school prefers to hire individuals who hold related majors or teaching credentials, and F visa holders or Koreans are preferred. This job offer may be recommended for those who meet the qualifications and are seeking an opportunity in the private school system.

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세인트폴 국제학교 부설어학원 분당
Saint Paul American School Secondary Campus
Gyeonggi, Bundang
Private Sector