School Information

– Job Reference No. : 24950
– School Name : Leland Stanford Preparatory
– School Type : Private Sector
– Age Group : Pre-K,Kindergarten
– City : Seoul – Seocho
– School Website : https://www.lspedu.org/about-camp
– School Address : 33, Saemmaeul 2-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Position Information

– Contract Type : Full Time
– Starting Date : 2024-03-01
– Working Schedule : 8:30-5:30
– Teaching Hours : 16 hours
– Class Size : Maximum 14 Students
– Job Remarks :

1. Classroom Management and Organization
(Set up and maintain a vibrant, organized, and child-friendly classroom environment that stimulates learning and exploration.
Establish daily routines that provide structure while allowing flexibility for spontaneous learning experiences.
Foster a sense of responsibility and cooperation by involving students in classroom cleanup and organization.)

2. Curriculum Planning (lesson plans aligning with the LSP curriculum_ e.g., LSP Analysis, SSAT, W/S Analysis, and Project classes) and Implementation (utilize effective teaching methods such as hands-on activities, role play to engage young learners. Integrate diverse subjects and address various learning styles. Adapt lessons based on ongoing assessments to cater to individual strengths and areas needing improvement.)

3. Documentation and Assessment [Assess students’ academic (English & math) & social/emotional progress and send out Monthly Student Reports to parents. Use data-driven insights to inform instructional decisions and tailor teaching approaches.]

4. Professional Development and Collaboration (Engage in continuous professional development to stay informed about current educational practices and early childhood development. Collaborate with fellow educators to share insights, resources, and effective teaching strategies. Participate in team meetings and contribute to school-wide initiatives.)

5. Individualized Student Support (Identify and address the individual needs, interests, and challenges of each student.)

Salary & Benefits Information

– Salary : 2.6 M KRW – 3.0 M KRW
– Flight Support : Entry Only
– Housing Type : Housing Allowance
– Paid Vacation Days : 15 days | Weekend Excluded
– Other benefits: Health Insurance,National Pension,Severance Payment,Working visa sponsorship,Contract Renewal Bonus,Retirement Pension

**Job Requirements: Teacher’s Certificate,TEFL/TESOL |