School Information

– Job Reference No. : 25451
– School Name : YBM ECC Cheongna
– School Type : Private Sector
– Age Group : Kindergarten,Primary
– City : Incheon – Seogu
– School Website : http://www.ybmecc.com/cheongna
– School Address : 8-26, Cheongna emerald-ro 102beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

Position Information

– Contract Type : Full Time
– Starting Date : 2024-08-01
– Working Schedule : Mon-Fri / 9:30am ~ 6:30pm
– Teaching Hours : 30 hours
– Class Size : Maximum 13 Students

A. Supervision.
The teacher will work closely with program supervisors and other colleagues in the planning, observation and review of instruction. As a member of L&M Edu, the teacher will contribute to the cumulative experience, wisdom and resources of a team dedicated to developing, implementing and evaluating a comprehensive program for teaching
English to Korean children.

B. Behavior
The teacher should respect the rules and standards of conduct of L&M Edu(written, verbal and tacit) and obey the laws, regulations,
instructions, and ordinances of the national and local governments. The teacher is required to be punctual, reliable and most of all
professional in representing L&M Edu.

C. Workload
The teacher will teach usually a total of 120 hours per teaching term. In the event that the actual number of teaching hours
scheduled for any particular teaching term is below 120 hours, the teacher will be required to devote the remaining hours to related
academic work under the supervision of the academic coordinator. The teacher is required to prepare lesson plans, prepare student
evaluations, keep accurate records of student attendance and performance, consult with parents, supervise play, attend workshops
and teachers meetings and to upgrade their professional knowledge and skills. Staff meetings and school events will be scheduled at the discretion of the institute director. Attendance is required. Staff meetings will allow time for discussion of topics of current
concern within the program such as new policies, procedures, methods of training, instruction, curriculum and other matters as
needed. All teachers are encouraged to help work out practical solutions to problem at these meetings.

Salary & Benefits Information

– Salary : 2.3 M ~ 2.6 M KRW (Depending on credential)
– Flight Support : One Way
– Housing Type : Single Studio
– Paid Vacation Days : 11 days | Weekend Excluded
– Other benefits: Working visa sponsorship,Health Insurance,National Pension,Severance Payment

– Additional Position Info : The working days run from Monday through Friday in monthly periods. The teacher will be scheduled to teach during this time period by the Institute Director.
The teacher is usually, though not necessarily, scheduled in shifts.

Teaching age group is from 5 yrs old to early elementary school students (Korean age).

**Job Requirements: TEFL/TESOL |

– Incheon Metropolitan city.
– Professional director and staffs.
– ECC Curriculum provided.