School Information

– Job Reference No. : 25459
– School Name : Creverse – (ChunghamIGarten)
– School Type : Private Sector
– Age Group : Primary,Secondary
– City : Seoul – Gangnam
– School Website : https://creverse.com/
– School Address : 521, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Position Information

– Contract Type : Full Time
– Starting Date : 2024-09-02
– Working Schedule : M-F / 2pm-10pm (it may varies)
– Teaching Hours : 30 hours
– Class Size : Maximum Students

*Positions for teaching elementary to middle school students.

*Teaching responsibilities
– Preparing lesson for elementary and middle school students through the CDI teachers’ portal by employing visual and auditory content
– Instructing classes of up to 13~15 students through lessons, discussions, projects, and group activities in Chungdahm and April level
– Evaluating students’ performance and progress in speaking, listening, reading, and writing
– Preparing occasional school events
– Performing other duties as specified by Contract

*CDI Training for 3~4 days on line + submission of your teaching video on the last day of the training period

Creverse has positions on various branches for competent teachers.
Please tell your recruiter wherever you would like to apply.

**Songpa, Cheongdam, Daechi, Mokdong, Junggye, Seocho, Bundang, Pyeongchon
->provide Housing Allowance (0.70M KRW) and support deposit (10M KRW)

**Jangan, Ilsan, Gangseo, Guri, Dongtan, Daegu, Yeongtong
-> provide rent-free housing (but utility fees are not covered)

Salary & Benefits Information

– Salary : 2.4M~KRW (depends on credentials)
– Flight Support : Entry Only
– Housing Type : Housing Allowance It depends on branches: 1. Housing Allowance 0.70M KRW will be given with salary and deposit 10M KRW is supported during the contract 2.Rent-free housing is provided
– Paid Vacation Days : 11 days | Weekend Excluded

**Job Requirements:

The Crevers HQ is now hiring teachers to place in each branch. They open positions in various cities including Seoul, Gyeonggi, Busan, Daegu, etc.

There are also many options of age groups you can choose which are CDI, I-Garten and April. The age group of students can depend on the school.
– I-Garten: Kindy to Elementary
– April: Elementary
– CDI: Elementary to Middle

If you specify your preferred region, it will be considered during the interview with the HQ.

You’ll be having 1st interview with headquarters. The preferred area/location can be discussed during the interview.