School Information

– Job Reference No. : 25635
– School Name : Hanslang English Institute
– School Type : Private Sector
– Age Group : Kindergarten,Primary
– City : Incheon – Yeonsu
– School Address : 3&4F 168-5, Haedoji-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon

Position Information

– Contract Type : Full Time
– Starting Date : 2025-03-01
– Working Schedule : M-F / 9:50am-6:10pm (Detail below)
– Teaching Hours : 30 hours
– Class Size : Maximum 15 Students
– Job Remarks :

During the terms of this Agreement, the teacher must cooperate and comply with the instructions and disciplines of the school. Assisting the ‘Supervisor’ or ‘Director’ he/she must carry out assignments as directed by the employer. The ‘Supervisor’ or ‘Director’ will be responsible for establishing and communicating the ‘Standards of Performance’ as related to the duties stated in this contract.

8-2. The teacher MUST be adequately prepared for the classes in advance, preparing a detailed lesson plan for every class, every day.

8-3. At all times during the term of this contract, teachers must maintain a clean and neat appearance. While suits and ties are not mandatory, a professional appearance is desirable. (no t-shirts, shorts, holes in clothing, visible piercing(s), tattoo, flip-flops, etc.)

8-3. The teacher’s work will include the following:
① Teaching the English to students (Target students’ ages: 5 to 16)
② Develop educational programs and materials, expanding off of what is already provided in the ‘H Plus’ curriculum
③ Curriculum design and implementation
④ Indoor/outdoor classroom activities for/with students
⑤ Level testing, grading, evaluation, and assessment of students
⑥ Providing students with individualized care
⑦ Attending teacher’s meetings, training, and workshops
⑧ Other related activities and requirements (please refer to the ‘Teachers Manual’

Salary & Benefits Information

– Salary : 2.3 M KRW ~ (Depending on credential)
– Flight Support : Flight Allowance
– Housing Type : Single Studio
– Paid Vacation Days : 11 days | Weekend Excluded
– Other benefits: Working visa sponsorship,Health Insurance,National Pension,Severance Payment

– Additional Position Info : -Kindergarten (5~7 years old Korean age) to Elementary school
-Working days: Mon-Fri, 9: 50am-6: 50pm
-Days ending early may end at 4:45pm

During the term of this agreement, the employee is required to prepare, teach, and carry out all required administrative duties connected with classes assigned by the employer or Academic Director. The working hours for the employee are from __9:50_ p.m. to__ 6:50 p.m. Monday through Friday. The employee is required to work on all teaching days, including teacher’s
preparation days, Flea Market, New Comer’s Orientation Day, and on all the special events for the employee’s assigned class (Christmas Activity, One-Night Camp, and Mother’s Day, etc.) except for scheduled holidays and vacation days

4-2. The teacher agrees to teach 31 hours a week, while adequately preparing for each class. The above hours include lunch time when with class, all though the teacher is required to stay at school. Lunch is provided by school. If the teacher is a homeroom teacher of kindergarten, he/she needs to eat and stay with kindergarten children during lunch time.

4-3. Total teaching hours in excess of the minimum requirement is calculated each session as overtime. Regular staff meeting and Special Events (Christmas Concert, Monthly meetings, Father’s Day, Field Day, Field Trip, Picnic, Market Day, Parents and Teachers Meeting, Halloween Activity, etc.) do not count as overtime

**Job Requirements: TEFL/TESOL |